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Dagda subscribers get access to our comprehensive impact investing tools. These tools are designed to help our subscribers realize their impact investment goals. Our goal is to provide a transparent network to achieve a clear understanding of each opportunity. Our proprietary tools were designed in house by subject matter experts. This information promotes confident decision making for Dagda subscribers.


DIRC is our catalog of  industry standard metrics.  These standards will help you take the guess work out of understanding the performance metrics.  This will allow you to use a standard set of information when comparing different impact investing funds.


Dagdabse is the searchable, online database of impact investment funds and products designed for investors.   This database will help you find the right fund to fulfill your impact investing goals.  Each profile contains the exact information you need to properly evaluate the fund.


Dagda provides a large library of whitepapers from our members.  As a member of Dagda you will get access to this library and the opportunity to submit your own whitepaper.  This provides a one stop shop for all information around the impact investing space.   Each paper is vetted and approved by our staff so you know the information is reliable and accurate.

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Dagda begins by defining the space, deploying data analytics through research, surveys and white papers, Dagda delivers the Social Impact Investing insight necessary for our clients to make the most impactful decisions, every day.


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