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Empowering Sustainable Tourism through Transparent Education and Support

Dagda®, the Source for Social Impact and Environmental Sustainability Certification connects homeowners, property managers, hoteliers and small business owners with education and resources to document and empower their commitment to Sustainable Tourism.

Partnership with Better B&B™: Listings on Better B&B™ displaying the  logo are qualified for Premium ranking, ensuring maximum guest visibility.

DCST™ first year applicants Self-Certify through a very simple process, empowering all owners at any level to participate.

DCST™ Certification conforms to the Mohonk Agreement standards for Sustainability.

DCST™ Certification has 3 levels Gold, Platinum, and GREEN rewarding higher commitments to sustainability with lower monthly fees.

Benefits of Dagda® Sustainable Tourism™ Certification

Dagda® Sustainable Tourism™ Certification helps PMCs and homeowners to expand bookings, validate each property and helps to attract new clients and generate substantial additional revenues.

EXPAND BOOKINGS:  There is a global movement toward sustainability and conservation of natural resources.  Many new demographics and corporate travelers are seeking options for Sustainable Tourism.  Add the DCST™  logo to your listings on all listing services to increase visibility and bookings.  Dagda® DCST™  qualifies corporate travelers CSR programs and highlights each Certified listing’s commitment to Sustainability.

MANAGERS: ATTRACT NEW HOMEOWNERS:  Leverage Dagda® Sustainable Tourism Certification (DCST™)  to attract new homeowners. Sustainable practices reduce operational costs for all properties.  Dagda® provides property managers with educational and marketing materials.

HOMEOWNERS: VALIDATE YOUR RENTAL PROPERTIES:  Displaying the DCST™  logo means Dagda® has validated proper ownership and any required registration information.  Due to recent events, several vacation rental platforms are moving to verify each rental home on their platforms.  Dagda® DCST™  includes verification of ownership and any regional registrations necessary to legally rent vacation rental homes.  Renters who see the DCST™  logo know they can rent with confidence.

GET STARTED NOW:  Fill out the form below to register as a DCST™  Sustainable Manager and receive your welcome package to certify your existing homeowners.

    Certified Sustainable

    $360/ Year
    • Sleeps 2 - 4
      Sleeps 2 - 4
    • $30 Monthly Payment

    Certified Sustainable

    $420/ Year
    • Sleeps 6 - 8
      Sleeps 6 - 8
    • $35 Monthly Payment

    Certified Sustainable

    $480/ Year
    • Sleeps 10 - 12
      Sleeps 10 - 12
    • $40 Monthly Payment

    Certified Sustainable

    $540/ Year
    • Sleeps 14 - 20
      Sleeps 14 - 20
    • $45 Monthly Payment

    Certified Sustainable

    $600/ Year
    • Sleeps 22 - 28
      Sleeps 22 - 28
    • $50 Monthly Payment

    Please contact us at [email protected]  for special pricing on anything that sleeps more than 28.


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