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Online Travel Agencies & Booking / Listing Sites – Partner with Dagda® promote DCST™ properties on your platforms.  Allow users to search Sustainable Tourism™ experiences.

Provide users the opportunity to experience Sustainable Tourism™ by displaying the logo on DCST™ certified sustainable properties on your platform.

Displaying the DCST™  logo means Dagda® has validated proper ownership and any required registration information.  Due to recent events, several vacation rental platforms are moving to validate each rental home on their platforms.  Dagda® DCST™ includes verification of ownership and any regional registrations necessary to legally rent vacation rental properties.

Renters who see the DCST™  logo know they can rent with confidence.

Contact us directly to begin a conversation: [email protected]

Property Managers – Leverage Dagda® Sustainable Tourism™ Certification (DCST™)  to attract new homeowners.  Earn commissions from $50-$120 per year for each certified home.  Sustainable practices reduce operational costs for all properties.

Dagda® provides property managers with educational and marketing materials.

Simply fill out the form on the Sustainable Tourism™ Page to begin.


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