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Here’s why your vacation rental home should be environmentally sustainable

Sustainable tourism platforms like Dagda are helping vacation rental owners join the movement.  Vacation rental homes today are the first choice for most travellers looking for local feel and culture. And year 2020 may be a game changer for the vacation rental industry. A report by ipropertymanagement.comstates that vacation rental properties may surpass the hotel industry in the year 2020.  […]

Take It From A Millennial: How We Feel About Charity Is Drastically Different Than Our Parents

“Coddled,” “entitled” and (digitally) “self-absorbed” are just a few of the terms I have heard in response to the word “millennial.” While 18-to-35-year-olds are often categorized as the “me” generation, there is a lot to be said about the other (more redeeming) characteristics that I feel have proven to define the cohort. Among them is our collective determination to make […]

Metrics Matter Social Impact Is No Longer A Soft Issue

Until recently, social impact practices were virtually of no fiscal importance to most companies. But over time, that fact has shifted as an understanding of the significance of social impact practices on a company’s chances of success has grown. Although clear-cut metrics defining the value of social impact via ESG metrics are still being developed: “Social impact is no longer […]

Three Trends In Impact Investing In 2018

# 1. DEBATE OVER RETURNS Is it ever okay to accept less than market-rate returns for the sake of achieving more impact? Some say that doing so is just an excuse for mediocrity. Others point out that reducing global poverty through job creation requires patient, friendly capital that can pave the way for traditional investors to enter the market. Read […]


LingoZING! was founded in January 2016 by Kyra Pahlen, based on her experience as a child learning a foreign language through comic books. LingoZING! is the ultimate complimentary language learning app. Designed to simplify and maximize efficiency while learning, LingoZING! has partnered with large academic organizations and Fortune 500 corporations to bring their unique language learning to the world. Also, […]

ECOR Environmental Technologies

Dagda Certified Impact Investment Opportunity: Noble Environmental Technologies Noble Environmental Technologies (Noble) is a global company that has commercialized technology that is transforming industries for advanced materials, waste/recycling, resource efficiency & supply chain sustainability, with materials and services that are superior, sustainable and can substantially reduce costs. Noble manufactures the ECOR portfolio of advanced sustainable materials, which are made from […]

Investors Are Missing A Trick On ESG Criteria

It’s obvious, when you think about it, that well-governed companies should command a premium to the rest of the market. Companies that respect the environment, are managed for the long-term, use their human resources wisely, are likely to make better investments. Yet, the message that incorporating ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria is an easy way to deliver strong investment […]

How To Invest According To Your Religious Values: ETFs And Mutual Funds

While some may not care much about religious values when investing if you are strictly religious you may find that index-based ETFs may hold investments contrary to your religious or personal values (ex: weapons manufacturers. I’m not an expert on religion so if I’ve gotten anything wrong in my article or missed anything please let me know in the comments. […]

The challenges of appealing to millennial investors

Asset managers are developing new methods to help millennials overcome significant mistrust of the markets. After experiencing two major bear markets — the tech bubble in 2000 and the global financial crisis in ’08 — younger investors have little reason to trust the markets, said Kostya Etus, a portfolio manager at CLS Investments. As a result, they are demanding products […]

What’s In Calvert’s New Name? For Impact Entrepreneurs And Investors, A Lot

The venerable Calvert Social Investment Foundation just changed its name to Calvert Impact. It’s a branding move with implications for impact investors, as well as social entrepreneurs. A year in the making, the new moniker, according to Jennifer Pryce, Calvert’s CEO and president, is meant to end confusion among investors about what the organization actually does. That is, despite that […]


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