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Dagda Whitepaper
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  • LifePointe Christian Faith Center, a Dagda Certified Social Impact Organization

    “It is easier to build strong children than to rebuild broken men” – Frederick Douglas
    “We exist to introduce people to Jesus Christ with genuine love and compassion for all.” -LCFC
    Executive Summary

    LifePointe Christian Faith Center (LCFC) is a 501c3 non-profit Christian based organization. Our
    largest asset is our local church body located in Coralville, Iowa. Our purpose is to empower,
    positively impact and assist all classes of people with spiritual guidance, social insights and
    tangible goods to create and nurture socio-economic strength in communities around the

    Our current location is in the heart of the I-380 Corridor situated in Johnson County, which is
    also the home of the University of Iowa and includes the cities of: Iowa City, population
    (75,798 as of 2017), Coralville, population (20,881 as of 2017), and Tiffin, population (3,361 as
    of 2017)

    Given that this facility is situated in Tiffin & Johnson Counties, with the proper step by step
    planning and utilization of our current facilities we can accomplish our proposed mandates in
    the very near future. We believe that with proper preparation, strategic planning, focused
    execution and market penetration we will become an organization that is known for excellence
    in faciliatation and service around the world.

    LCFC’s philosophy of life is “outward” focused more than “inward.” We believe we are called to
    reach NATIONS not just a local group of people. We are implementing training classes to assist
    and enable everyday people to make an impact in anyone’s life. We are a growing body that is
    not “attached” to any other parent organization. We believe that this gives us the autonomy
    and the freedom to follow God’s desires and not those of men.

    The Problem
    The current national economy despite Wall Street’s gains has hit Iowa hard with a lack of
    educational, employment and economic opportunities for advancement. There are very few
    programs for most people; from middle class working families to folks living near the poverty
    line. Those seeking youth and adult education, pre-school and after school programs and living
    assitance from organizations outside the government have little or no chance of success.
    Families with pre-school aged childred or adults who are under or unemployed, there is a lack
    of government or charitable programs to provide a path to becoming a happy productive member of society.
    Many of these problems are caused by mass incarceration, corporate and
    government cutbacks and a general lack of economic growth in lesser populated areas.

    Our Solution
    We intend to provide the following services to people in need throughout the I-380 corridor
    and beyond:

    Affordable 24hr Daycare & Community Facility – Our goal is to provide educational assistance,
    food and clothing assistance (including meals), after school programs for “latch key” and other
    children and youth programs as necessary. Tiffin has no recreation center, as such we will offer
    this as an outlet for the youth of our commuity to provide safe, clean living alternatives to drug
    experimentation and or criminal activities.

    We believe that an environment free from “bullying” is imperative. Our projected service
    demographic is based on information from the 2010 census regarding this area.
    Transitional Housing for Reintergrated Offenders – We believe that it is vital that those
    individuals who have been incarcerated within the penal institutions of our region and beyond
    be allowed to reintergrate to society in a “safe” place and within a “healthy” environment.
    They will be provided various skills and life classes to make the necessary transition to once
    again becoming a productive member of our society.

    This transitional facility will be available to persons meeting the established criteria for nonviolent offenders as determined by local ordinance.

    Community Garden – We will be creating a “Community Garden”. Where we grow various
    types of food. We welcome people from the community to share in this project in order that
    they too can come and participate in growing and harvesting free food. We desire to have a
    pantry in the Community Garden for the distribution of canned and non-perishable food, as
    well as clothing, furniture and assorted household items all for free. The objective of which is
    to help transitioning families and to let them know they are not alone. Currently there are little
    to no “for free” or nominal cost locations within Johnson County for these services. Most are
    For-Profit agencies that tend to overlook the obvious needs of many.

    How We Do It
    The daycare, “Kidzpointe Learning Academy” and a full scale “Community Place” for an afterschool
    program is one of the first projects that we will start in our community. Tiffin has no
    recreation center for their community or no active place for the young people to meet.
    We will offer this to the youth of our community and give them good, clean alternatives to
    being on the streets or joining gangs and getting into trouble.
    Community Place will have a full-size basketball court and a game room, along with a snack
    area and a place to sit and talk and meet. We will have a book center and several classroom
    areas for homework and classes for tutoring in math and reading.

    We will ask outside agencies to come in for addiction counseling, support groups, GED classes,
    ESL classes, and other opportunities for adults in the evenings.
    We will have concerts and events at this center to create an environment of family
    togetherness and promote the idea of building strong people individually.
    The “Community Garden” where we grow food. The food grown will be provided to those in
    our community who are in need. We will have a pantry in this center for food, clothing, and
    furniture, all at no charge to those in need to help transitioning families and to let them know
    they are not alone.

    Future Projects
    We have many other programs once our first project is off the ground we intend to start, such
    as: a Prison Rehabilitation Program to help men and women who have been incarcerated to
    get back into society with love and support and with a sense of direction.
    We intend to build affordable housing for those transitioning in life that need help getting to
    the next level on the road to success. A six month to a year program to help some “get on their
    feet.” Two and three bedroom units for families and some handicapped units on the bottom
    level for elderly and handicapped. We intend to build a homeless shelter for men, women and
    children to help those that are on the streets to have shelter for the night and a meal during
    the day. Our potential clients can and will come from ALL demographics.

    We are convinced that God has called on us and given us a mandate to come to the aid of our
    fellow man regardless of color, creed, gender, socio-economic staus or any other divisive

    Direct Competitors
    Poverty, lack, prejudice, bigotry, hatred, government welfare programs, greed, slavery, human
    trafficking, darkness and Satanic influence of ALL types. We are not in competition with other
    faith based agencies but rather we are in league with them to help in any way that we can.
    Community impact Opportunity

    We believe that we have been divinely and strategically selected by God to build a community
    corporate organization LifePointe Chrisitan Faith Center to be headquartered in Tiffin, Iowa.
    Tiffin is currently a community of less than 4000 residents but with projected growth estimates
    to reach double digits in the very near future. According to 2013 statistics from the US Census
    Bureau it is the fastest growing community out of Iowa’s 99 counties.
    With the government and other local non-profits and charities coming up short in providing
    our community with educational and economic opportunities for advancement, we believe it is
    our responsobility under God to do all in our power to answer his call.
    “We are convinced that we are in the right place!” Given our vision and desired goals for LCFC
    we believe that our vision has the capability to reach both individuals and families of all races,
    cultures and socio economic backgrounds for God and His Kingdom.

    Our Mission
    We believe we are uniquely qulified to institute and manage these programs given our focus is
    on the Individual. We wish to see each person from a “Faith Based” position in a real time

    Our motive is to cultivate the values and principles as determined by Our Faith in Jesus Christ.
    We will never mandate or discriminate against persons of other faiths or religious beliefs as
    pertains to goods or services rendered. There will never be anyone who does not qualify for
    assistance or use of our programs. We do reserve certain rights as it pertains to our current
    established Articles of Incorporation and our By-Laws that are currently established.

    Our aim is to fight hunger, homelessness, recidivisim, and any other disadvantage presented
    by the reality of our current economic state. As it appears that our government nor other
    “religious organizations” and or “social programs” are incapable of assiting either through
    indifference, obliviousness or political bureacacy (red tape) we will make it “easy” and
    “affordable” to get help to people that need and require assistance. The advantage that we
    have as an organization is we are comprised as a group of individuals from a variety of
    backgrounds, socio-economic levels and capabilities and we relate to a wide swath of people
    without the political limitations to assist those in need.

    Our LifePointe CFC group is comprised of professionals to laborers all with the same motive
    Love for Humanity!

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