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  • Over 60 years have passed since the last major improvement: The Fish finders sonar. Today, the world’s 220 million anglers1 community is ready to embrace a new smart evolutionary solution that will enable them to know:
    • Where to fish and what kind of fish to catch
    • How to improve their technique
    • How to share their experiences with others

    Eco-Net’s Eco-Popper™ is the world’s 1st digital fishing popper2. It enables anglers to better understand underwater fishing dynamics, thereby providing many benefits, ranging from improving anglers’ fishing technique to monitoring water parameters. The Market The sports fishing industry is very large, and Eco-Net is well positioned to be a top provider in the evolving smart-fishing lures market.

    – There are more than 33M anglers in the US** (16 years and older), 73% of which are male
    – There are more than 10,000 fishing tournaments with around 4.5M participants
    – Anglers spend $41.8 billion annually on fishing related activities – an average of $1,260 per angler – Anglers spend $15.5 billion annually on fishing related equipment – an average of $470 per angler – Top 5 Fishing States (2013): Texas (1.6M), California (1.6M), Minnesota (1.5M), Florida (1.4M) and Wisconsin (1.4M)

    The need for Smart Recreational Fishing and Water Quality Control Today, anglers face many challenges, including pre-fishing (e.g. do not know where are the superior water quality locations with higher fishing rates and the right fish type), during fishing (e.g. do not know how many and which type of fish are near the bait and react to the lure) and post-fishing (e.g. do not know how to improve their fishing technique or how to share their experiences).

    In addition, current electronic fishing accessories, e.g. underwater viewing and fish finder systems, represent simple hardware appliances with no social/crowd/environmental aspects. Although water parameters (water telemetric as well as fish population and diversity) are indicators of fresh water quality, they are only conducted in a very limited number of locations due to their current expensive cost. The Solution: Eco-Popper – World’s 1st Digital Fishing Popper The Eco-Popper sends a real-time, wireless, under-water HD video stream to a mobile app Eco-Net developed that runs on iOS or Androidbased smartphones and tablets. It allows users to watch underwater action in real-time and save videos/photos of their fishing session which can be shared on social media. The Eco-Popper also transmits relevant water data metrics in real-time to help the angler pinpoint ideal fishing locations. These metrics are also transmitted to a central cloud backend services to monitor water quality whenever and wherever Eco-Net’s lures are used

    Competitive Landscape There are no direct competitors for the Eco-Popper, however, there are several companies providing electronic fishing accessories that may compete for same customers’ budget. Some of these companies provide underwater video viewing systems while others provide tactical wireless sonar viewing systems. Most of these solutions are smartphone enabled. AquaVu, Water Wolf and GoPro are examples of underwater viewing systems. Vexilar, FishHunter and Friday Lab are examples of fish finder systems.

    Unlike the Eco-Popper, all of these products represent simple hardware appliances with no social/crowd/environmental aspects.

    Business Model Our business model assumes that after five years from launching the first product, the venture will produce revenues in excess of $100M (around 600,000 products).

    The first products will retail at $239 (SMRP).

    Each device will entitle the user to automatic free access to cloud value-added services. In addition, we will offer a freemium model, allowing access to anglers who do not use our device.

    Go-to-Market Strategy In the first stage, we plan to establish a strong connection with top professional bass fishermen who help build a strong pro team program to validate the product’s value. In addition, these professionals will be our first product ambassadors, and will generate initial product video footage for marketing purposes. Simultaneously, we will present products at several leading industry exhibitions.

    After establishing initial market awareness with our pro team program, we intend to work with two main sales channels: A. Via the internet: selling through leading fishing gear sites B. Selling via direct channels and distributors through networks of local sports fishing retailers.

    Current Status: All key personnel are already on board. Our Product got excellent reviews at ICAST 2018, the largest sports fishing exhibition in the world, and was commercially released on September this year. The company has started its round A financing for introducing the product into its core markets.

    Video products of our product can be found on our YouTube Channel (over 55,000 views), and on our Facebook page (over 20,000 followers). Our established Pro Staff program of over 150 pro anglers around the world are taking active part in the product design, beta testing and various marketing activities.

    The Team Dani Zeevi – Co-Founder & CEO Dani is a co-founder and former Co-CEO of YCD Multimedia. He previously managed a software team in an elite intelligence unit of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) where he was awarded an Honor Commendation for Innovative Thinking. He has a MSc in Electrical Engineering (Honors) from Tel Aviv University.

    Guy Shavitt – Co-Founder & CTO With more than 20 years’ experience in R&D, Guy is the former VP R&D of YCD Multimedia where he led the software development group for 14 years. Prior to YCD, he was product development manager at BMC Software. Guy served in an elite intelligence unit in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as a senior systems programmer. He has a BA in Computer Science and Management from the Open University of Israel, and a MSc in Software Engineer from the Israel Institute of Technology

    Adiel Ron – Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer Adiel was a managing director at the IBM Innovation Group for more than a decade, and directly involved in the development of partnerships and acquisitions of many Israeli technology companies from various disciplines. He also led an advanced technological unit within an elite intelligence unit in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Adiel holds a BA in Economics from Tel Aviv University.

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