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  • Mission Statement

    Helping to build the smartgrid of the future being a leading financier of the Fourth Industrial Revolution investing in vanguard companies that are building a cleaner, more sustainable, connected, and intelligent transportation ecosystem.
    Investment Thesis
    The 4th Generation Industrial Revolution will reshape society by connecting the way we live, work and travel. Mobility connected technology solutions will affect all forms of personal interaction, the movement of goods and services as well as all forms of transportation land, sea and air. This disruption will create Impact through an interdependent, cleaner more efficient sustainable interconnected grid. The paradigm will be lead by “New Economy” technology solutions in software applications for connected services, telematics and logistics, alternative fuels, infrastructure support, and smart grid connected solutions powered by AI and the IoT. This ecosystem is about to embark on fundamental changes over the next several decades that outpace the last 100 years and will revolutionize how we travel, transport goods and live our daily lives.

    Market Opportunity

    -Transportation is critical to the future connected grid and represents $16 trillion or 15% of the global economy, this market is undergoing massive change with technology driving the transformation

    The global smart transportation market is forecasted to climb to $285 billion by 2024 with a CAGR of 22%

    Connected mobility and services will exceed $220 billion by 2022

    Mobility connectivity includes many traditional VC markets including: big data, real time analytics, connectivity, cloud based apps, semis

    The spending needed to support these components is expected to be at least $3.5 trillion over the next ten years. This change is a fundamental departure from past incremental advancements in the transportation ecosystem led by global firms utilizing technology developed, in some cases 100 years ago, too a new paradigm led by software apps together with complimentary hardware providing technology solutions. The fundamental growth drivers are global government regulation, grass roots development, the entrepreneurial spirit and end customer demand. The due diligence and ongoing research and significant experience in recognizing new disruptive technologies fundamentally changing traditional vertical markets led us to sharpen our focus on the ROI potential of a mobility connected transportation grid. By developing relationships with industry consultants, fleet managers, public officials and thought leaders we have used this domain expertise to reach the following conclusions:

    1. The $16 trillion transportation vertical was being disrupted by “New Economy” start-ups utilizing software technology to design and integrate standard components creating fundamentally new solutions for global transportation markets

    2. The OEM’s and their Tier 1 partners were likely to follow rather than lead allowing significant market presence to develop for the “New Economy” leaders in each of these traditional verticals

    3. Lack of competition for deal flow stems from VC’s lack of focus on this vertical, being deemed too painful given past experience, too capital intensive or not enough disruptive technology for today’s VC models

    4. Significant alpha will be generated in this vertical and Van Wagoner Ventures can capture it.

    Our Process
    Our investment process has been thoroughly vetted through many years of experience. Each step in the process has been carefully developed to assure the greatest level of success after we reach the end of our due diligence.

    1. Our deal flow comes from a database of vetted prospects, referrals from former transactions, unique lead generation through proprietary contacts, an extensive network in the transportation ecosystem, and additional ideas from investment vetting process.

    2. Our selection process has been honed over many years and includes a thorough technology assessment, market research confirming growth and sustainability, competitive analysis to confirm company leadership, interviewing supply chain to validate scalability, interviews with senior management, checking references/credentials and tearing apart business model by challenging each line item.

    3. Our financings generally lead Investment rounds to establish best terms, we stage our capital commitments through milestone deliverables, or on occasion, co-invest with existing VCs to participate in primary rounds.

    Our investment success depends on three fundamental precepts that will be the cornerstone of the Fund’s success:
    1. First is the ability to leverage its deep experience in both public & private crossover investing to identify several critical success factors: a) IPO windows and liquidity cycles, b) trends, sub-industries and companies that will maintain/attract public interest over our expected investment horizon, and c) understand relative value matrices between public/private valuations to identify alpha within the public/private liquidity arbitrage.

    2. The second factor is to “derisk” the typical VC models by eliminating most traditional startup risks such as team, business model, technology and competitive risk and focus on the remaining goals to profitability and liquidity events.

    3. The third factor is applying discipline to the selection process by making sure each investment has the following characteristics: a) Large Total Available Market, b) “Done it before” management team, c) product in visible sales ramp, d) clearly established market leadership, e) commitment to sustainable growth and f) line of sight to profitability.

    Our History

    We have specialized in Public and Private/Late Stage Venture investing in US based emerging technology solutions for 30+ years. The Company’s initial mission was to leverage the “Direct Research” model employed at prior firms to advise a family of 5 Mutual Funds, the “Van Wagoner Funds” (VWF) focusing on new technology verticals reaching $4 billion in AUM (sold 2009). He won the prestigious Lipper Performance Achievement Award 5 times. VWCM entered the venture capital business in 1997 when it realized its public securities investment process would be successful analyzing and selecting late stage/expansion capital private securities. Our first venture portfolio in 1997 was $300 million in late stage/expansion capital private securities between 1997 and 2003. After the internet bubble burst in 2000, VWCM realized the arbitrage between public and private late stage/expansion valuations had disappeared and sold its remaining venture portfolio by 2003, leaving late stage VC investing for 7 years. After the mortgage crisis subsided in 2010 I began to pay attention to the technology surrounding the transformation of all means of transportation to alternative fuels and a vision of a total transformation of the transportation grid. Although there were many first generation companies with great potential that failed: we all know sometimes being early is being wrong! I was convinced the technology advancements were starting to assure the success of this transformation. Since 2012 we has completed two SPV vehicles to invest in the mobility connected space with outstanding results and are currently raising a third late stage VC fund to finance the growing changes in commercial transportation and smart infrastructure. Our Team

    EXPERIENCE – Our team are seasoned venture capital investors with broad experience in emerging technology investing utilizing a proven ROI driven investment process. We have spent the last 6 years working in this vertical, developing contacts with leading
    consultants and thought leaders, researching and selecting the best new disruptive technologies and identifying the leading companies that will transform commercial vehicles. MEMBERS – We have a full team of highly qualified individuals to support the efforts. Investments, marketing, administration and legal are all eager to get started with decades of experience working with the Van Wagoner team. There will be 3 team members in the investment team when funding is finished.

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