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Impact or Sustainable Investment

  • Warez

    Warez is a digital library of goods chosen by the community, for the community. Members collaborate to create a catalog of goods that can be accessed, delivered, and stored back in the library on demand. The Problem The way we consume goods as a society is wasteful and inefficient, bad Read more [...]

  • Eco-Net

    Over 60 years have passed since the last major improvement: The Fish finders sonar. Today, the world’s 220 million anglers1 community is ready to embrace a new smart evolutionary solution that will enable them to know: • Where to fish and what kind of fish to catch • How to Read more [...]

  • Van Wagoner Ventures

    Mission Statement Helping to build the smartgrid of the future being a leading financier of the Fourth Industrial Revolution investing in vanguard companies that are building a cleaner, more sustainable, connected, and intelligent transportation ecosystem. Investment Thesis The 4th Generation Industrial Revolution will reshape society by connecting the way we Read more [...]

  • Clean The World

    Approximately 6,000 children under the age of five die every day from diseases that result from poor hygiene. Respiratory infections like pneumonia, and diarrheal diseases are prevalent in communities struggling with poverty. However, many of these deaths could be prevented if families were educated on the dangers posed by germs Read more [...]

  • IGF Oncology

    IGF Oncology, LLC, is a Delaware limited liability company based in Minnesota. It is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing targeted cancer drugs. Lead Drug IGF-MTX • Insulin-like growth factor variant protein attached to the chemotherapy drug methotrexate. • Targets a receptor protein, IGF-1R, overexpressed on cancer, so it is Read more [...]


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