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Sustainable tourism platforms like Dagda are helping vacation rental owners join the movement. 

Vacation rental homes today are the first choice for most travellers looking for local feel and culture. And year 2020 may be a game changer for the vacation rental industry. A report by ipropertymanagement.comstates that vacation rental properties may surpass the hotel industry in the year 2020. 

However, vacation rental homes, just like hotels, have a mixed impact on the environment. 

Here’s how-

1] Consumption of natural resources: When vacation properties attract tourists, the local community and environment take the impact of the influx of tourists. This can result in increased consumption of water and energy and affects local flora and fauna. Energy accounts for 60% of a property’s carbon footprint. Example: the Balearic Islands, located on the east shore of Spain faces the challenge of severe water shortage during summer season – when the tourism is at its peak.  

2] Employment: Vacation rental homes have now become a great source of generating employment for the local community. Maintenance workers, house helpers, local cooks, landscapers, and gardeners find steady employment due to the presence of such properties in their hometowns. A report states that by 2021, vacation rentals are expected to be a $193 billion global market, with Europe generating the highest revenue and growth.

3] Additional waste: There is an influx of travelers all around the world due to more local people opening up their properties for vacation rental homes. The local authorities are ill-prepared to deal with the additional waste in the form of plastic, paper or glass. Vacation rental homes do add to the overall wastage of the city. 

According to the UN World Tourism Organization, sustainable tourism is “tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities”.

How can vacation rental owners join the sustainable tourism movement?

According to Sustainable Travel Report by, 87% of global travelers state that they want to travel sustainably, and four in 10 confirm that they often or always manage to do so.

Here’s what vacation rentals can do in order to reduce their carbon footprints:

1] Look for Sustainable Tourism Certifications from third party companies like Dagda®

2] Source local supplies and support the local community. 

3] Install energy-efficient lighting and appliances, invest in solar panels.

4] Install equipment for water conservation and water recycling. 

5] Avoid single-use plastic, use organic containers. 

6] Invest in waste recycling facilities. 

How companies like Dagda help vacation rentals to become sustainable?

Dagda® Sustainable Tourism™ Certification (DCST™) helps homeowners to 3rd party validate each property per the Mohonk agreement (UN agreement for sustainable tourism).

Dagda helps owners to:

oReduce water consumption

oReduce electric consumption

oUse more environmentally friendly cleansers

oConnect with travelers who make Sustainability a priority

Sustainable tourism is about refocusing and re-adapting. A balance must be found between limits and usage so that continuous changing, monitoring and planning ensure that tourism can be managed.

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