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LingoZING! was founded in January 2016 by Kyra Pahlen, based on her experience as a child learning a foreign language through comic books. LingoZING! is the ultimate complimentary language learning app. Designed to simplify and maximize efficiency while learning, LingoZING! has partnered with large academic organizations and Fortune 500 corporations to bring their unique language learning to the world. Also, providing their app at no cost to lower income groups and educational institutions.

LingoZING! has developed a revolutionary paradigm shifting method for the breakdown and
dissemination of foreign languages into digestible bits formatted for consumption, enjoyment, efficiency and retention. The company is absolutely committed in the business plan to providing access to this groundbreaking application for as many disadvantaged students as possible. Currently, LingoZING! has donated 2000 titles in their application to NY teachers, and 500 to French language instructors worldwide. As a further commitment to the disadvantaged, LingoZING! has negotiated reduced prices with publishers to make learning affordable to the under-privileged. Negotiated prices in essence are the same as digital prices for the same content but with added educational value. LingoZING!’s team have also selected titles that help learn specific industry professions. Starting with finance, by licensing titles from Dargaud (Hedge Fund, Office Space etc.). There are new titles in the queue such as Law and Nursing. Those titles will add to what little is currently available in third world countries in terms of professional learning tools, whilst providing ‘double knowledge’, learning the language and about a given profession.


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