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  • Dagda Certified Impact Investment Opportunity: Noble Environmental Technologies

    Noble Environmental Technologies (Noble) is a global company that has commercialized technology that is transforming industries for advanced materials, waste/recycling, resource efficiency & supply chain sustainability, with materials and services that are superior, sustainable and can substantially reduce costs.

    Noble manufactures the ECOR portfolio of advanced sustainable materials, which are made from recycled waste and designed to outperform traditional commodity materials for print, packaging, furniture, and building materials. The clean ECOR manufacturing process converts fiber waste (i.e. paper, cardboard, textile, agricultural, etc.) into advanced, low-cost, recyclable composite materials.

    Noble provides a range of circular economy solutions for enterprise and smart city customers, to convert their waste into ECOR-based materials and products for their use, sale and/or consumption by the regional market. This process substantially reduces costs throughout their supply chain and contributes towards goals for sustainability, zero waste and the circular economy – while saving money and generating new revenues.

    This growth stage company is rapidly expanding to meet the needs of a range of customers who are using its materials and solutions, which have included global brands and market leaders such as Avery-Dennison, Heineken (see p. 4), Hunter-Douglas, Google, Starbucks, TOMS Shoes, and Whole Foods.


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