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Social Impact Investment™ is capital infusions into companies, organizations, and managed funds who have the intention and responsibility to generate social and environmental impact with a modest financial return. Social Impact Investment™ can be made into both emerging and well-developed markets, and target a range of returns from below market to market rate and beyond, depending on investors’ strategic goals and financial liquidity needs.

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The “social impact “ market place lacks transparency and meaningful metrics. Dagdas Certification Protocols are an essential step in changing the social impact space for the better.

Mark Brewer
CEO Central Florida Foundation

Dagda Thought Leadership

Dagda Partners was formed by thought leaders in Social Impact Investing to provide: a solid definition of the term “Social Impact Investment™”, certification for Social Impact investments and investors, tools and pathways for more impactful efficiencies through both direct and indirect partnership and collaboration for Social Impact Investment funds, companies and foundations. Dagda begins by defining the space, deploying data analytics through research, surveys and white papers. Dagda delivers the Social Impact Investing insight necessary for our clients to make the best impactful decisions, every day.

  • Explore Dagda’s initiative to create a Market Roadmap for the future of the impact investing industry
  • Learn how leading impact investors are mapping their strategies to the SDGs

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DagdaBase is the searchable, online database of impact investment funds and products designed for investors.

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Dagda offers specialized impact investment training to investors.

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